About Us

Celebrating the uniqueness in various culinaries

The aroma are some of the distinct features that made splitgill mushroom a versatile ingredient to be cooked with variety international recipe.

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Behind the scenes

Royale Kukur is owned by a bumiputera company, Impian Ramai F&B Sdn. Bhd and we truly believed in the potential of the splitgill mushroom. With almost a decade of experience in agriculture, we took a step further to come out with our own food product and brand.

Our production house was established in Klang, Selangor in November 2020. We take pride in not only being an early pioneer in splitgill mushroom food production, but also as the very first company to set the standards of producing them in the best possible quality.

International authentic taste

Seeing the big potential in commercializing splitgill mushroom, we are inspired to take it to the next level. Splitgill mushroom essentially have a unique chewy, meat like texture, aromatic and has high health nutrition value.

Unique and authentic

Splitgill mushroom is our inspiration. Our passion in seeing the potential in it, in addition to our wealth of agriculture experience, have made us the pioneer of producing the best splitgill mushroom based food product; both in frozen as well as ready-to-eat packaging.

Guaranteed quality

After months of research and development of the recipe, we managed to come out with the best formula to give the best experience for people to savour the splitgill mushroom. We managed to produce not only a good tasting food, but with the highest quality too.

Our Story

At the end of 2020, a creative process took place in producing splitgill mushroom based food product. Starting from our own home kitchen, has led us to commercialize the usage of splitgill mushroom as the main star of our dish. Our mission is to be the main supplier in Malaysia, and one day, to be able to see our food around the globe too.

What used to be a traditional ingredient, has been forgotten in time. We felt the need to educate especially the younger generation, about a food, that used to be a house staple. The exclusive taste and high health beneficial value are something that we would like to share with the world.

We as a group of entrepreneurs are very passionate and have full faith in the distinctness and potential of our product. We believe that splitgill mushroom make a will become the must-have ingredient in every household.